Sunday, March 15, 2009

Lost in translation

The German news magazine Der Spiegel published a story about Beneath the Neon and the underground flood channels of Las Vegas – apparently. See, the story is in German and I’m having little luck with online translators (unless, indeed, it’s written at a first-grade level and contains several non sequiturs). So I’m posting this one for my German-speaking friends. Maybe they can read the story and let me know if the writer, Hilmar Schmundt, shit-talked me or not.,1518,611972,00.html


Thorge said...

I can tell you, the author has not "shit-talked you" at all!
I've read the really interesting article and decided to buy your book because I found it to be that fascinating.
So don't worry, that guy Schmundt did a really good job writing the article!
If you'd like to get the more or less exact translation which I guarantee will be better than the online translation ;) just contact me! I'd be glad to help you out!
Cheers, TJ

Matthew said...

Hey, TJ. Thanks for your help on this. I, of course, have a general idea of what the story is about and know that Hilmar did a good job with it. He's a cool dude.

Thanks for buying the book. Hope you enjoy it.

djsynchro said...

I'm Dutch my German is basic, you definitely don't get shit talked, seems pretty good article.

djsynchro said...

PS I found your site after reading this in case you didn't know about it: